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About This Blog

This blog is managed by April Jones. April is a freelance writer and social media manager. She has written for local (Omaha) and national websites. While April has written articles on various topics, music is her favorite subject to cover.

‘Obscured By Sound’ is a collection of articles, reviews, and other opinions related to music and the music industry. Some of these posts are originals which means they’ve only been posted here. Others are links to the articles as they appear on other sites as they were written for that particular site. Those may not always be music related.

Why is it called “Obscured By Sound”? First, it’s a play off of the Pink Floyd album ‘Obscured By Clouds.’ Mostly it’s a metaphorical description of music itself. Music is essentially a collection of sounds – vocals and instruments. But behind every song is a story. Not just the story of how the song was created, what inspired the lyrics, who wrote the music…but all of the work that went into the song – the hours of practice, the time and money spent on recording it, the efforts put forth by the musicians, their fans, maybe even a publicist if they have one… That’s the stuff that people don’t usually think about when they’re listening to a song. It’s not just about talent and creativity. There’s also a lot of hard work put into music. So saying that it’s all obscured by sound is a way of saying that there’s a lot more to a song than what you hear when you listen to it.

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