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Books About Music

March 16, 2011

I love books about as much as I love music. And right now, I have a big stack of books about music. They were sent to me by Omnibus Press with the intention of reviewing them for a previous employer but I ended up leaving that position before I got the books. So there they sit, in my closet, waiting to be read and reviewed. Now that I have some time to read them and a place to write about them, I think I’ll make this yet another project. So here are the books I’ll be reading and reviewing, not necessarily in this order…

Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life (not a big fan but the guy is a legend)

Holy Rock ‘N’ Rollers: The Story of Kings of Leon (interested in finding out how they became so successful so fast)

Bloody Reign of Slayer (my type of music)

Sex Tips from Rock Stars: In Their Own Words (this ought to be fun!)

Wailing Blues: The Story of Bob Marley’s Wailers (love Bob Marley, looking forward to learning more about the Wailers)

Pink Floyd The Music And The Mystery (I am a HUGE Pink Floyd fan, as if you couldn’t tell by the name of my blog)

So where should I start?

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