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What I’m doing now…

March 15, 2011

I gave up all of my other sites and blogs because I wanted to focus more on writing articles. But I wanted to still have my own place where I can sort of collect those articles and still add some of my own stuff aside from what I write for other people.

Lately I’ve been working on articles for two different publications – and Midstarz Magazine.

I did an article for back in late November covering the Pandora “town hall” meeting hosted by the founder Tim Westergren. Got a lot of good response and feedback on that one. Then just as soon as I got started on that column, I had to take some time off from everything to tend to some personal stuff. Now that things have finally mellowed out again, I’m back to writing. Right now I’m finishing up an article on the annual Maha Festival after interviewing the organizer, Tre Brashear.

This month will be the first time I have articles published in Midstarz Magazine, a print and online publication that covers urban entertainment in the Midwest, particularly Omaha. I should have three articles in Midstarz this month – a feature on Black Squirrel Tattoo in Omaha, an article about being a better indie artist, and another on avoiding a ticket when you get pulled over.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Aside from sharing those articles, I’ve also got some stuff to blog about….thoughts on various subjects relating to the music industry, reviews of shows that I go see on my own rather than for writing assignments, etc.

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